3D Printing

At 3D Synergy Technologies we are passionate about combining technology with creativity. Every product we design is carefully built to provide optimal quality, performance and state of the art features. Add to this our sleek, beautiful designs and we have products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A very important aspect of the product development process is to ensure that anything we create meets our internal goals for environmental sustainability. From concept through to delivery and materials, we choose the most eco friendly option.

Desktop 3D Printer

Our line-up of 3D Desktop printers comes in different sizes and prices. From our compact portable model to our top of the line professional model, we have a solution for every type of user. Our state of the art printers allow for remote functionality, multi-head / multi-spool compatibility and low temperature technology that makes the printers safe to the touch.

Hand Held 3D Printers

We have a full line-up of hand held 3D printing pens that are designed with ergonomic easy to handle shapes, fully packed with state of the art features. Including: retractable tip technology, low temperature operations, anti-jam technology, precision nozzle printing, voice assisted prompts, and many more features that bring our pens to the forefront of cutting edge technology.

Printer and Pen Accessories

As user demand grows, so does our supporting accessory line. From mobile power, to holders and carrying cases, we have a complete line of accessories to compliment every product in our 3D printer line-up.


Not only do we produce a complete spectrum of colors in multiple sizes that are ideal for all types of users, we also offer specialty filaments. From wood texture to translucent, and flexible to conductive, the filament types are endless. We always strive to come up with new and innovative uses for 3D printers and to help support this innovation we are constantly creating new types of filaments. Each filament is specially designed and tested for optimal performance on our printers and pens, all while remaining universally compatible with all other pens and printers on the market.

Kits and Models

To help stimulate creativity, we are constantly putting together popular kits for modeling. Included in each kit is all the materials, the stencils, support materials, and a easy to follow video that demonstrates exactly how to assmeble the product. Each kit is rated with a difficulty level allowing users to choose comfortably from a guide prior to purchasing the kit.



3D Desktop Printers
3D Printing Pens
Filaments and Inks