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How to become a partner

Join our ever expanding group of distribution partners. We have 3 levels of distribution available. We support each level with a custom tailored solution to help you succeed. Please review the options below and contact us once you choose which option best suits your level of partnership.

Our Competitive Advantage

From personal support agents, to CRM integration and logistical solutions, our state of the art customized solutions are here to cater to any level of partnership that is needed. Here are the key benefits of partnering with us.

Coast to Coast Distribution

We have strategically positioned processing facilities in the East and West coast to cater to the entire Americas market. This helps reduce logistical costs which directly translate to lower costs on all levels of distribution. Each facility is directly linked to a master server that controls and monitors stock levels, order statuses and any special needs that are attached to each order. Being at the forefront of cutting edge technology means we are constantly working directly with you to provide optimized solutions to your operational needs.

Technological integration (CRM)

As the technology around us rapidly evolves, we always look for new and innovative ways to bring more information to our partners. We constantly look for the most cost effective solutions for logistics, big data marketing analysis, emerging trends, and global user feedback. Taking this information we directly relay it to your system and staff keeping you in the forefront of the industry. With this hands on partnership, we help our partners grow their business efficiently and effectively 100% of the time.

Competitive Price Advantage

Combining our logistical solutions, our big data marketing plans, and global community outreach program, we are able to reduce our overall costs to levels that keep our partners the most price competitive in the market. Taking our proven formula for success and applying our 30 years of experience, we make sure that your future ventures in the 3D printing industry will be successful while partnering with 3D Synergy Technologies.

Where do you fit in?

Why not give us a call today and find out how you can start your partnership program. Please read below and determine which solution best fits your needs and then contact us to get started.


You Operate Single / Multiple Retail Location(s)

  • You own a single or multiple retail locations and are looking for products to be drop shipped directly to your stores.
  • Your primary target audience is the retail end consumer.

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You distribute products on a national level

  • Your business is focused on a mix of logistical solutions and product line distribution on a national / international level. You do not cater to the retail market, but rather focus on wholesalers and large corporate chain stores only. You carry multiple skus, primarily focusing on an entire category or industry as a whole.
  • Your primary target audience is wholesalers, buying groups, national / international chain stores.
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