about us


3D Synergy Technologies (Coretech Americas) is an innovative, tech savvy company that manufactures and markets its own line of 3D products under the 3D Magic Wand brand and also under the Polaroid brand name. Our range of products include all things 3D - pens, printers, scanners, filament, and related accessories while maintaining our core belief of providing environmentally safe consumer products. Under our parent company, Coretech HK, we have been manufacturing toys and cellular accessories for some of the world’s leading brands since 1987, but in the last decade we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities and ventured into various consumer technologies.

Our brand, 3D Magic Wand, strives to deliver 3D printing solutions to consumers that are easy to use, technologically advanced, and are cost-effective. Our line of products include 3D pens, filament (also known as Magic Ink) and accessories.

Having recently partnered with Polaroid, we are excited to introduce new 3D products to the mass market. We are excited to bring the quality and technologically savvy products that have come to be associated with the Polaroid brand.

What We Do

We are excited to bring some new and unique technologies to the market at CES 2017 with our partners at Polaroid. Be sure to visit the booth to be the first to learn about what we are doing to enhance the 3D printing industry.
Geared towards the home user, these pens are designed for ease of use while at the same time giving professional results.
Our filament is especially designed for use with our Polaroid and 3D Magic Wand printers and pens, yet are also designed to be universally compatible. We are constantly introducing new and innovative filaments that enhance the user experience.
We are constantly building new and advanced cutting edge accessories that enhance the user experience and provide more functional power and control to the end users.