3D Printing Technology

We are on the cutting edge of 3D printing technology. In collaboration with our key partners we are developing new and innovative products for both personal and professional use. Find out what new and exciting products we have launched in your region.


-   Cutting Edge 3D Printing Pen


-   over 60 colours of filament


-   Compact 3D Desktop Printer

3D Magic Wand

-   3D Printing Pen

3D Magic Ink

-   over 60 colours of filament

Magic Mobility

-   Portable Power Bank

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3D Synergy Technologies has partnered with some of the world's leading brands to bring fun and exciting products into your home.


Polaroid is our newest partner. We are currently launching Polaroid 3D hand held printing pens and 3D desktop printer.


For over 10 years we have been partnered with Disney in bringing some of the most popular children's toys to the North American market.


Over the last 10 years through our close collaboration with Mattel toys, we have brought multiple products in the children's educational toys sector.

Fisher Price

Our portfolio of products spans a successful 10 year partnership with Fisher Price, bringing children's toys for different ages to the Asian market.


Hasbro was one of our first partners. We have continually grown our close partnership to bring multiple projects to market in the children's toys sector.


With over 10 years of close relationships, we have been proud to bring many children's toys to the global market under the Bandai brand.